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Industrial production and retail of heating products.

Energy Fireplaces kombi, Biomass burning Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Solid fuel Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Oil-Gas boilers, Photovoltaic, Solar water heaters, Radiators.

Energy Efficient Fireplace (Water) [ka]

The energy fireplace Kombi ka is an original and innovative in design and operation fireplace of central heating, which achieves (very high) efficiency compared to any conventional fireplace.

It's actually a wood boiler that can be attached to any type of radiator circuit and can be used either independently as a primary heat source, or parallel to the central heating boiler providing significant savings in fuel.

The hearth of the fireplace is surrounded entirely by double steel walls that contain water, and does not require any fire-resistant insulation.

It has built-in panel with controls such as remote thermometer and thermostat for proper and efficient operation.

It can be externally decorated with any material (marble, stone, plasterboard, etc.) and can fit perfectly with the furniture and architecture of every house.

It can be connected easily by a technician, similarly to a central heating boiler.

The fireplace-boiler Kombi ka excels because it provides:

  • Excellent performance and economy
  • Totally safe operation
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Economic and healthy heating.





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