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Hot Air Generator with Auto Feeder for Solid Fuel [sp-at]

The hot air generator Kombi sp with automated feeder for solid fuel type at, is an integrated hot air generator assembly of automatic combustion of solid fuels. Moreover it can be easily adjusted to be operated with liquid fuel with the proper burner.
The hot air generator
It is manufactured from high grade stainless steel resulting long operating life.

The covers are steel sheet painted with electrostatic paint.

It has slot specially made for mounting and oil or LPG burner.

It Incorporates-panel controls and automation for safe and efficient operation of the complex.

The automatic feeder
The hearth of the automatic feeder is made from special cast iron with resistance to high temperatures.

The combustion is controlled by using a high pressure blower and the possibility of mechanical setting of its air supply.

The regulation of the fuel supply is made through an automatic timer that operates the feeder motor (start - stop timer).

The feeding of the combustion chamber with fuel is done automatically from the silo, which provides sufficient autonomy.

The hot air generators spm-at are manufactured with stainless steel flame chamber, steel flue tubes and filter system.


Olive Core
Nuts Shell
Fruit Core


Technical Characteristics

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