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Industrial production and retail of heating products.

Energy Fireplaces kombi, Biomass burning Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Solid fuel Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Oil-Gas boilers, Photovoltaic, Solar water heaters, Radiators.

Wood Boiler [kn]

The wood fired boiler Kombi kn has the ability to burn any form of solid fuel (firewood, charcoal, etc.) which are abundant in our country. Without time-consuming procedures it can be converted to oil or LPG burning boiler with high efficiency.

It is manufactured from certified high-quality steel St-37.2.

The boiler Kombi kn has a specially designed combustion chamber with a similar size. As a result it needs feeding 3 to 4 times a day. The specific design of flue and water tubes are achieving excellent transfer of heat to the boilers water. The fuel is supplied by a large opening top door.

The grid of the combustion chamber is aquifer made from seamless steel tubes.

The management and conservation of the solid fuel is done through a specific mechanical thermostat placed in the slot on the boiler.

The specially designed elliptical fluetubes provide the highest boiler efficiency

In all the stages of production there is strict quality control with particular attention to water tightness.

It is externally insulated with pre-painted steel sheet and insulated with high density fiberglass.




Technical Characteristics

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