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Industrial production and retail of heating products.

Energy Fireplaces kombi, Biomass burning Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Solid fuel Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Oil-Gas boilers, Photovoltaic, Solar water heaters, Radiators.


THERMODYNAMIKI ltd is founded in 1973 in the northern Greece at the city of Ptolemaida. It has a main interest in industrial production and retail of heating products. In 1977 THEMODYNAMIKI S.A. is created. In the early 1980s the sales network of the company is spread in the whole of the Greek nation. In 1996, the company starts an investment in order to modernize its factory equipment. THEMODYNAMIKI S.A. Develops in the following years a very significant exporting activity in the Balkan countries.


THERMODYNAMIKI S.A. (kombi) is today one of the most dynamically involved companies in the heating (hot water and warm air) industry with an on going development of new products and services. The company has gained important experience in all its operating context in the course of many years in the heating industry and also achieved important specialization in all of the products aspects. Finally, the prolonged professional activity of the company combined with its technical expertise, has developed strong links with the suppliers, partners and customers of the company


The companys goal is the industrial production and retail of certified central heating products and also the production of specialized metal constructions. This goal is achieved by having the industrial machinery and the fully specialized personnel working in every project.


In an area of 4500 sqm with industrial facilities of 3200 square meters and with the use of modern industrial equipment, THERMODYNAMIKI has in its premises an advanced research and development laboratory which its aim is to:

  • research and develop new heating products with the largest efficiency rate possible and the most environmentally friendly operation
  • develop products with energy efficiency
  • take advantage of the renewable sources of energy (photovoltaics, solar power, biomass).


In all of its operations THERMODYNAMIKI is practicing the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2000 and all the company products are produced by the EU standards EN and CE certified.


The products that THERMODYNAMIKI S.A. Is manufacturing are:

  • Steel solid fuel and oil/gas boilers
  • Energy Fireplaces
  • Solid fuel warm air generators
  • Complete heating units
  • Biomass burning steel boilers
  • Steel oil tanks
The company also achieves through its long experience and modern mechanical equipment to get involved in the steel construction sector.


The rising exporting activity of THERMODYNAMIKI is providing to the company the ability to enter in new national markets. The exports are spread in countries of:

  • South East Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, FYROM, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Russia),
  • Central Europe (Austria, Germany),
  • South Europe (Cyprus),
  • West Europe (Great Britain and Ireland)
  • and finally in countries outside Europe, Afghanistan, Irak and Palestine


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