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Industrial production and retail of heating products.

Energy Fireplaces kombi, Biomass burning Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Solid fuel Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Oil-Gas boilers, Photovoltaic, Solar water heaters, Radiators.

Oil - Gas Boiler [mb]

The boiler series Kombi mb is the only boiler series in Greece with efficiency marking CE up to three stars in accordance with EU directive 92/42/EEC for hot water boilers.

The high efficiency is achieved because:

They have the largest surface heat exchange in relation to their volume, because of the water containing front.

It has triple way flue gas path with seamless flue tubes, and flue decelerators with a special type of stainless steel to increase the thermal exchange.

The combustion chamber is cylindrical, specially designed for perfect adjustment of the burners flame for even heat dissipation, perfect combustion and quiet operation.

It's lined with high density fiberglass.

They have excellent appearance lined with sheet steel St-37.2 electrostatic painting, with protection against damage.

At all stages are of strict quality control of welding and hydraulic test pressure 6 bar.

Has the appropriate connectors for the control panel.




Technical Characteristics

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