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Industrial production and retail of heating products.

Energy Fireplaces kombi, Biomass burning Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Solid fuel Boilers & Warm Air Generators, Oil-Gas boilers, Photovoltaic, Solar water heaters, Radiators.

Compact Hot Air Generators Oil - Gas [nt] & [mt]

The Kombi - mt and nt series hot air generators are complete and independent air heating systems. They are suitable for heating: shops, offices, coffee shops, restaurants, music halls and generally where fast and controlled heating is wanted.

The combustion chamber and the alternator is manufactured in whole from excellent quality stainless metal sheet, which has as a result a very long operating life.

The cover of the warm air generator is consisted of metal sheet St-37.2 painted with electrostatic powder paint, and it is combined with insulation of high density glass wool.

The burner and the blower are of high technology and quality. And also they where chosen for the silent operation.

It includes a built in control and automation panel for a safe and economical operation of the unit.

It can be installed inside the area that needs to be heated with a very easy connection procedure.

The hot air generator is an economically affordable solution for heating large areas.

The Kombi mt series hot air Generator can be constructed with vent and air ducts.

The hot air generators mtm are manufactured with stainless steel flame chamber, steel flue tubes and filter system.




Technical Characteristics

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